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Wall of Heroes

If you wish to send in your own heroes, click here.

See American Legion Memorial

Story of Sgt Reckless, a horse so heroic during the Korean war she was promoted to Staff Sergeant by the Commandant of the US Marine Corps, and is listed alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and John Wayne as one of our all-time heroes. Please go to for more information, and join the Official Sgt Reckless Fan Club on Facebook. Also, learn how you can help build the national Memorial Monument in her honor that will be placed in Washington, DC and Camp Pendleton.

CINCINNATI -- Maj. Thomas C. "Tom" Griffin, a B-25 bomber navigator in the audacious Doolittle's Raid attack on mainland Japan during World War II, has died.
His death at age 96 leaves four surviving Raiders. They plan one more reunion this summer, and will share the bottle of 1896 (GEN Doolittle's birth year) cognac that has been prepared for this moment.
The video below pays fitting tribute not only to the Raiders (they are included in the clips), but to all who "loosed the surly bonds of earth" in their country's service.

S.S.I. interview with Fred Schmitt,
WWII Veteran of D-Day and Bastogne
as well as WWII P.O.W.

S.S.I. interview with Matthew Bates,
WWII Veteran of Bastogne
as well as WWII P.O.W.

S.S.I. tribute to Nevada veterans

Michael Benthin Michael Benthin
17 yrs US Army
Peter's wife Angel's son

Courtney & Tim Truitt Courtney & Tim Truitt
Dennis & Peggy Trapp’s, granddaughter and her husband

Matt Trap Matt Trapp
Dennis & Peggy Trapp’s Grandson
Matt has served two tours of duty in Iraq and two tours of duty in Afghanistan.