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Ted Nugent

Nugent on Bear Hunter Ted was on the cover of North American Bear Hunter with his interview with Peter in the Spring of 1995. Ted returned the favor and put Peter on the cover of Ted’s Adventure Outdoors April/May Bear Hunt edition. Peter was the first rifle hunter to make the cover of Ted’s magazine and is believed to be the only rifle hunter to ever be on Ted’s cover.
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Peter on Adventures Outdoors Peter, with a bear he took in Alberta Canada in May of 1995. This story was published in Fall of 1995 North American Bear Hunter and in Ted Nugent’s Adventure Outdoors in the Spring of 1996. Peter was the first and only rifle hunter to ever make the cover of Ted Nugent's Adventure Outdoors. Read the story below and see film footage of this hunt under Hunt Stories.
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Ted Nugent Ted’s website:
Photo by Jim McCarthy

Ted Nugent and Fred Bear Ted Nugent and his close friend archery great Fred Bear in 1987 at Bear Archery’s Grousehaven in Michigan

Fred and Fred The guy who got Peter started, Fred Lutger. Here is a photo of Fred Lutger and Fred Bear at Fred’s store Freddy Bear Sports in Tinley Park Illinois.

Fred Lutger Fred and a nice Ontario Black Bear

Fred Lutger got Peter started writing outdoor articles. The following is an interview that Peter had with Ted in February of 1995; it appeared in the March/April/May North American Bear Hunter.

Fred knows more about bears and bear hunting than any man Peter ever met. Fred does all of his Bear Hunting with a bow. See Fred Lutger’s White Black Bear hunt film under Hunt Stories.