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Fishing Tales

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Angel, Peter's wife
catching Lahontas Cutthroat Trout
in Walker Lake

A Day on Lake Mead

Striper at Willow Beach Striper at Willow Beach Here are some pics of the Stripers I've been catching at Willow Beach. The picture where I'm wearing my tank top is a 25.00 and the picture of the bigger fish is 31.88 - Brian "Koogan" Ludwick

Striper at Willow Beach

Striper at Willow Beach

Tucker and Hunter Schmuckal getting ready for a big day out on the water Tucker and Hunter Schmuckal getting ready for a big day out on the water

Al Adamek at Rainy Lake (Minnesota side) catching Northern Pike 1964, Al Adamek at Rainy Lake (Minnesota side) catching Northern Pike

Glenn Stockton - Rainbow Trout Glenn Stockton - Rainbow Trout My Dad, Glenn Stockton, was a fisherman forever (he even went ice fishing at Eagle Valley Reservoir near Pioche, Nevada the weekend before he passed away). The trophy he was always proudest of was this 28 1/2" Rainbow Trout. As the story goes, he was visiting his sister and her husband in Sunnyvale, California and he NEEDED to go fishing. Wherever he traveled, he always asked, "Where can you fish around here?" This time it was the Russian River near Guerneville in Sonoma County, California in March of 1964. It would have been a record that year, except Dad was fishing out of season, so he couldn't claim it (he always regretted that, not that it was out of season, but that he couldn't claim it). He only had his ocean gear, so he had heavy line. It was cold. Mom was reading a book in the car and Dad had to climb down a steep embankment to reach the river. Just as he hooked this baby, the zipper on his pants came apart and his pants started to fall. For the next ninety minutes, he alternated between calling to Mom to help him out (she did not hear-too engrossed in that book), holding his drawers up, and walking up and down the river working this bad boy to shore. He had no way to get to his net, so he threw it up on shore and shoved his rod down its throat. He then climbed up to the car holding the fish and his pants, wearing the biggest smile. He hurried to the trunk of the car because it was an illegal fish and threw it in, withdrew the pole and that fish flopped in the trunk all the way back to Sunnyvale, he still had a lot of fight left. Dad was afraid someone would hear the fish in the trunk! He got a photo once he was back home in Sun Valley, California and, though he loved to eat Rainbow Trout, decided to have it mounted. This one did not get away :-) - Kevin Stockton

Scott Halibut Fishing in Alaska Scott Drawantz of Great Basin Taxidermy at Green Rocks Wilderness Lodge in Alaska fishing for Halibut

Howard Borman Mahi Mahi Howard Borman from Kool Radiators, September 2011, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, 67" Dorado (Mahi Mahi)